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Hopkins Chitty Professional Land Surveyors in Eastern Ontario

Hopkins Chitty Land Surveyors Inc. is a member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors and at Hopkins Chitty. With offices in Kingston, Greater Napanee, and Brockville, it is our mission to do our part to create a relationship with each of our clients to promote a positive and profitable development experience. Along with the experience and knowledge of our expert staff, we bring a practical common-sense approach to each situation.  

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Our Customers and Technology

Our experienced use of technology ranging from Robotic Total Station equipment to Global Position Systems (GPS) and software which includes AutoCAD, Microsurvey, InCAD, Field Genius, and Trimble, provides detailed and accurate digital land survey information for:

  • Individuals

  • Builders

  • Lot owners

  • Architects

  • Engineers

  • Planners

  • Real estate developers

  • Public agencies

  • Municipalities

  • Telephone, water and gas suppliers

  • Internet providers

GWE Assets Acquisition - 2016

Hopkins Chitty Land Surveyors Inc. has acquired the assets and records of Grange W. Elliot Ltd. (GWE), a longstanding land surveying firm within the City of Kingston and the surrounding area. We look forward to providing ongoing service for the clients we've received through GWE. We have a library of records readily available for any of the clients who were previously with GWE. So you can count on us to get started on your project without any delay.

Macdonald & Eberhardt Assets Acquisition - 2017

We are excited to announce our newest assets acquisition, Macdonald & Eberthardt Surveying Ltd. They have been serving the town of Greater Napanee and the surrounding areas for 55 years.

Leslie M. Higginson Surveying Acquisition - 2020

On June 6th, 2020 Hopkins Chitty welcomed the addition of new associate Leslie M. Higginson and the staff of Leslie M. Higginson Surveying to our team. Leslie brings a wealth of experience gained during the over 35 years he has practiced in Ontario. We look forward to continuing the relationships he and his team have built.

Jordan Bennett Geomatics Assets Acquisition - 2021

As of July 30, 2021, Hopkins Chitty is pleased to announce the acquisition of assets from Jordan Bennett Geomatics. Hopkins Chitty is looking forward to continuing the relationships Bob Jordan and Grant Bennett have fostered over the past 25 years in Brockville and the surrounding area. The acquisition also includes the records of Jordan and Wiseman Surveying Ltd, R. G. Bennett Surveying Ltd and William J. Salter, OLS. Hopkins Chitty welcomes Bob Jordan, OLS, Phil de Jong, OLS and staff to our team.

Reasons You May Need a Survey

Surveying involves complex issues such as local land use approvals and environmental considerations. A professional surveyor can help you grasp the land development opportunities for the following scenarios:

  • Before you sell your home or land

  • Before you buy a home or land

  • Before you develop or subdivide your land

  • Before you construct a building, fence, or other improvements

  • Before a boundary line dispute arises

Professional Affiliations

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