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Contact Information

1224 Gardiners Road, Suite 102

Kingston, ON

K7P 0G2

Phone: 613-384-9266

Fax: 613-384-3513


401 Advanced Ave, Unit 3

Greater Napanee, ON

K7R 1R1

Fax: 613-384-3513

Hopkins Chitty (formerly JB Geomatics)

100 Strowger Blvd Suite 201

Brockville, ON

K6V 5J9


Methods of Payment

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Hopkins Chitty Professional Land Surveyors in Kingston, Greater Napanee & Brockville

Hopkins Chitty Land Surveyors Inc. is a member of the Association of Ontario Land Surveyors and at Hopkins Chitty it is our mission to do our part to create a relationship with each of our clients to promote a positive and profitable development experience. Along with the experience and knowledge of our expert staff, we bring a practical common sense approach to each situation.  We invite you to consult with our experts in Kingston, Greater Napanee, and Brockville to see how we can help. Call us or fill out our online form.

How Much Does A Survey Cost?

The cost of a survey depends on several things, including the type of survey needed, the time required to perform the survey, and preparation of necessary plans and descriptions.

Some Variables Which Affect the Cost of a Land Survey Are:

  • Terrain and Accessibility: A level, open field is much easier to survey than a wooded, hilly tract of land.

  • Time of Year: Dense vegetation in summer often restricts the line of sight. Snow in winter may conceal field evidence.

  • Size and Shape: An irregularly shaped tract of land has more corners and a longer perimeter than a square containing the same area.

  • Field Evidence: The presence of iron monuments, corner stones, etc., in the survey area aid the surveyor, their absence makes the survey more difficult.

  • Deeds: At times the legal description of the property to be surveyed may be vague, incomplete, contradictory, and/or mathematically inaccurate. It may also be necessary to resolve an unrecorded deed, agreement or easement.

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